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Welcome to the resource center!

At Lotus Holistic Wellness, I believe in providing comprehensive support for my clients beyond the therapy session. That is why I offer a wide range of resources to empower and guide you on your journey towards healing and personal growth. From informative articles and self-help guides to recommended books, podcasts, and online tools, this curated collection of resources is designed to complement your therapy experience and support your mental health and well-being. Explore the resources to gain insights, inspiration, and practical strategies for navigating life's challenges and cultivating resilience. I am here to support you every step of the way.



Maryland Crisis Hotlines

Crisis hotline numbers for all counties in Maryland.

National Mental Health Hotline

Confidential, free mental health help, call 866-903-3787. Check out their resources for Maryland here.

NAMI HelpLine

The National Alliance on Mental Illness provides support for those struggling with mental health. 

M-F: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M., ET

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Provides immediate help with mental health or substance use support.

  • Call 9-8-8

    • press 2 for Spanish

    • press 3 for LGBTQIA+ support

  • Text 9-8-8 (English only)

Journaling and Meditation Apps

Clarity- CBT Thought Diary

Track your mood and identify patterns over time. cognitive distortions. Guided Journals. Reframe negative thought patterns with dozens of therapeutic guided meditations. 


De-stress, be happier & healthier with over 1700 guided meditations, soothing music, nature sounds, inspirational talks and much more.

Insight Timer 

A meditation app that helps you build healthy habits and create a wellbeing routine that works for you.

Mental Health websites


A UK based nonprofit that offers a variety of information ranging from diagnosis, treatment options for adults and young people.

The Mental Health Coalition

Find a variety of resources on how to support self and others.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness is a great resource offering information on mental health signs and symptoms, research, support and education.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

This page offers background information and tips to keep in mind while using person-first language, as well as terms to avoid to reduce stigma and negative bias when discussing addiction. 


The Happiness Lab Podcast

Laurie Santos will take you through the latest research and share some surprising and inspiring stories that will change the way you think about happiness.

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

"Access to resources is the compass that guides us on our journey to mental well-being, lighting the path towards healing and growth."

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